People Smugglers Globally 2017

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Nov 09, 2017 | Australian Strategic Policy Institute, John Coyne, Madeleine Nyst

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, in 2016 there were 65.6 million ‘forcibly displaced people worldwide’, 22.5 million refugees, 10 million stateless people, and some 767 million people below the poverty line. That only 189,300 refugees were resettled in 2016 highlights the scale of the need to address the effects of irregular migration. John Coyne and Madeleine Nyst suggest in this report for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that the global drivers for the irregular movement of people, from human security to economics, are growing. They provide an analysis of people-smuggling syndicates and smuggling hot-spots, and recommendations for interventions. Smuggling.pdf?stdeEDpA9px6dD8zZQZjb9hIBZqPXzs8


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