American Muslim Poll - All the Single Ladies

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Nov 14, 2017 | Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Youssef Chouhoud

Since 1970, the proportion of married U.S. adults has fallen nearly 20 percentage points, while about half of all adults question the societal value of marriage. In 2017, Muslims are more likely to be married than any other major faith group, or the non-affiliated. This analysis by Youssef Chouhoud  for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding reveals that although there are more single Muslim men than Muslim women, the latter often struggle to find a spouse as educated or religious as they are. On average, single Muslim women are statistically younger, more educated, and more religiously inclined than single Muslim men.  The full implication of this gap, unique to Muslims in the U.S. public, suggests a social challenge faced by Muslim singles looking for spouses of comparable education and religious devotion.


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