The Battle for China’s Spirit - Religious Revival, Repression, and Resistance under Xi Jinping

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Posted Nov 25, 2017 | Freedom House

China is home to over 350 million religious believers and hundreds of millions more who follow folk traditions. As the country experiences a spiritual revival across many faiths, the government’s religious controls have taken different forms in different places, ethnicities, and denominations. An escalating cycle of repression shows the failure of the authorities’ religious policies. This study by Freedom House examines the dynamics of religious revival, repression, and resistance in China and their implications. It focuses on seven communities that together account for over 350 million believers: The country’s officially-recognized religions - Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam - as well as Falun Gong, the largest of several banned qigong practices, new religious movements, and quasi-Christian sects.


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