New Dots on the Security Horizon

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jan 08, 2018 | Clingendael Expert Survey, Kars de Bruijne, Minke Meijnders, Lauriane Héau

Europe’s territorial integrity is no longer assured, as it is surrounded by a ‘ring of instability’ with challenges ranging from terrorism to migration. In this annual Clingendael Expert Survey, Kars de Bruijne, Minke Meijnders and Lauriane Héau assess developments in five fields that will require attention in 2018:  

  • The resettlement of ISIS in South-East Asia (terrorism);
  • the divergence of migration policies among EU member states (migration);
  • increasing signs of climate change as a driver of migration (climate change);
  • safety issues concerning nuclear installations in and around Europe (nuclear proliferation); and
  • new signs of US protectionism (free trade).


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