A Rapier not a Blunderbuss: Why the EU must do better in supporting African Job Creation

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Mar 06, 2018 | European Think Tanks Group,Tilman Altenburg, San Bilal, Giulia Maci, Dirk Willem te Velde

The AU-EU Summit of November 2017 identified job creation and poverty alleviation as top priorities for development cooperation with Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa 18 million jobs have to be created each year until 2035 to accommodate young labour market entrants. The European Think Tanks Group calls on the EU to render long-term support for structural transformation that helps the creation of new jobs in sectors with higher productivity - with special attention to youth and women – based on low-carbon development The quality of education should be raised and the development of business-oriented skills linked to the promotion of investment opportunities. The informal sector also needs support, including more social protection for the most vulnerable.



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