The Quest for Happiness as an underlying Motive for Violent Conflict in Africa

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted May 14, 2018 | Africa Portal, Mark Chingono

Africa has the lowest mean of subjective well-being and happiness in the world. Writing for Africa Portal, Mark Chingono ascribes the fermentation of bitterness, unhappiness and violence to bad policies, poor governance and the relegation of the central notions of happiness to the margins, by policy makers.  He suggests that poor governance has led to increased unhappiness, a loss of the ‘incredibly stabilizing faith in the state’ and has dented the state’s legitimacy in the eyes of the ruled. While the population is growing, the resources necessary to guarantee its happiness are dwindling, and governments’ capacities to deliver goods and services are overwhelmed. As population explosion puts pressure on limited resources, more violent competition for declining economic resources will result.


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