An Apology for Multiculturalism

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Sep 26, 2018 | OpenCanada, Stephan Marche,

It was long assumed that globalization would inevitably breed tolerance for others. Instead, that ideal must now be defended and actively advanced. Stephan Marche argues in this paper for OpenCanada that the faith in globalized tolerance once predictd by Francis Fukuyama now seems out of place. In both politics and culture, the lines between in-groups and out-groups are thickening. Ethnic nationalism relies on a sense of victimhood, even among groups that are self-evidently established and prosperous. And yet openness to the ‘other’  has always been an essential element of human decency, and the perceived flaws of multiculturalism - its contradictions, certain inevitable hypocrisies,  fragility, and weaknesses - are strengths in disguise.


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