Three Ways to rethink the Concept of Citizenship

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Oct 03, 2018 | Open Canada, John Powel, Renata Ávila, Jai Sahak

With threats of funding and immigration raids in sanctuary cities, the White House suggests that sanctuary cities are an affront to U.S. sovereignty.  In their paper for Open Canada, John Powel, Renata Ávila and Jai Sahak propose that citizenship should, in future, be rooted in the local but connected with the global. It must be able to visualise social obligations beyond national borders and enable citizens to assume shared responsibility in global matters, not least in the global struggle against inequality. Unlike the sanctuary movement in the United States, which has challenged state sovereignty, Canada should provide a counter-narrative to systemic exclusion by stressing the gaps in the immigration system and highlighting the stories of families and children.


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