Norms, Norm Violations, and IR Theory - Norm Evolution Theory and World Politics

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Nov 28, 2018 | E-International Relations, Scott Romaniuk, Francis Grice

Norms play an intricate role in the formation of world cultures, operating cooperatively or aggressively with other norms found within each culture and across cultures. With the world now facing the prospects of a major shift from a unipolar world dominated by the US to a multipolar one, understanding the interactions between strong powers and norms, norm violations, and norm shifts is increasingly important. In these two articles for E-International Relations, Scott Romaniuk and Francis Grice discuss, through the lens of International Relations (IR) theory, why great powers may violate norms, particularly in relation to the use of force. They illustrate how the adoption of norms by states and non-state actors can legitimize behavior and define what individuals, organizations, states, and supranational bodies come to expect as standards of behavior. 


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