The G20 turns Ten: What’s past is Prologue

Improving global governance
Posted Nov 28, 2018 | Bruegel, Suman Bery et al

The membership of the G20, consisting of nineteen sovereign states and the European Union as full members, has been stable since the group was first convened in 1999. In this Policy Contribution for Bruegel, Suman Bery and a team of contributors review the record of the G20 in coordinating the economic policies of its members’ monetary and fiscal policies, financial stability and trade. They focus on two issues for the G20’s future: (1) What more can the G20 leaders do to meet their paramount goal of fostering sustained, high-quality global growth given the experience in the last decade and the changing global environment; as well as the weaker cohesion of the G7 and BRICS groupings? (2) Can an issue-based ‘variable geometry’ of ad-hoc coalitions provide a path ahead, given widening policy differences between the G20 members?


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