Ukrainian Church Autocephaly: The Redrawing of the Religious Borders and Political Identities in the Conflict between Ukraine and Russia

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Posted Feb 12, 2019 | Russian Analytical Digest, Alexander Ponomariov, Regina Elsner,

There has been a sudden change of religious and political boundaries and identities between the Ukraine and Russia and within the Ukraine. This edition of the Russian Analytical Digest considers the political implications of the recent establishment of an autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine, independent from the Moscow Patriarchate. Alexander Ponomariov addresses how the dispute between the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Moscow Patriarchate, over Orthodoxy in Ukraine, is reshaping religious identities and political boundaries. Regina Elsner examines the political entanglements and power struggles in the efforts to unify Orthodoxy in Ukraine and their potential influence on the relationships between the country’s Orthodox churches in future.


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