A United Nations with Chinese Characteristics

Improving global governance
Posted Feb 17, 2019 | Clingendael, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Frans-Paul van der Putten, Etienne B├ęchard et al

The Chinese government is strengthening its role and influence in international institutions, including in the United Nations. The reshaping of such organisations may presage a real change, associated with new norms and standards. In this Clingendael report, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Frans-Paul van der Putten, Etienne Béchard et al analyse China’s involvement in the UN. Presenting three case studies in distinct thematic areas - human rights, development finance and climate change - they explore how China’s engagement is influencing norms and standards in the UN; where European countries and China have common interests; and where their interests conflict. The report represents a starting point for guiding principles in engaging China both when interests are shared, and when they clash.



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