Cool Idea or Hi-Tech Madness?

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Mar 07, 2019 | Chatham House, Janos Pasztor

Three years after the Paris Agreement, global greenhouse emissions show no signs of peaking, and if government commitments to reduce them are not increased before 2030, exceeding the 1.5C goal can no longer be avoided. Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) is one form of solar geoengineering that aims to mimic the temporary cooling that follows a volcanic eruption, bringing temperatures back down to pre-industrial levels. Janos Pasztor suggests in the article for Chatham House that faced with catastrophic climate impacts, the voices arguing for stratospheric aerosol injection will likely get louder. But this risk calls for an agreement that solar geoengineering techniques should not be deployed without greater knowledge of the risks and potential benefits, and an agreement on governance. The risks of ungoverned deployment are just too high.


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