Beyond Meritocracy: The Anthology

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Apr 06, 2019 | Young Foundation, Jon Alexander, Anne McCrossan, Jon Huggett, Liz Zeidler et al

Meritocracy is a political philosophy in which political influence is assigned largely according to the intellectual talent and individual achievement. In 2018, the Young Foundation asked: What lies beyond Meritocracy; and What might be the equation for the 21st century’? In 2001, Michael Young had voiced disappointment because his notion of meritocracy, far from being feared, was embraced as an ideal by successive governments, and for a time, by the populace. In this anthology, responses by Jon Alexander, Anne McCrossan, Jon Huggett, Liz Zeidler and others, who have succeeded in a meritocratic society, express a creative fusion of fact and feeling. Some common themes emerge - the need for agency, communitarianism, and appreciation of more than intellect and effort - at an individual, societal and macro-economic level.


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