Navigating the Pathways from Exclusion to Accountability - From understanding Intersecting Inequalities to building Accountable Relationships

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted May 02, 2019 | Institute of Development Studies, Jo Howard, Erika López Franco, Jackie Shaw

The inclusion of the most marginalised people by addressing discriminatory dynamics is central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this research report of the Institute of Development Studies, Jo Howard, Erika López Franco, and Jackie Shaw consider how the intersection of spatial, economic and identity-based factors drives poverty and marginalisation. Backed by data, analysis and reflections from research in Egypt, Ghana, India, South Africa and Uganda, they disclose the drivers of inequalities; and provide knowledge for national/international policymakers, programme managers, practitioners and organisations working with marginalised groups, to build inclusive and sustainable governance in inequitable and unaccountable contexts.


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