Is Inequality really on the rise?

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Jun 05, 2019 | Brookings Institution, Ana Revenga, Meagan Dooley

Over the last 25 years, total global inequality declined for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, driven by falling between-country inequality as poor countries became richer. In this report for the Brookings Institution, Ana Revenga and Meagan Dooley explain the sharp rise of in-country inequality in certain places. They explore the persistence of deep inequalities of opportunity in the accumulation of human capital; the role of superstar firms with exceptional market power; and the impact of technological change. They call for policies that make market-driven growth more pro-poor and inclusive, a reduction of inequality of opportunity and its intergenerational transmission, and progressive taxation and spending as a complement to - not a substitute for - policies that address the core drivers of inequality. Brief&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=73170720


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