Tipping to Rebellion: Action and Reaction on Climate Science

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jun 05, 2019 | Oxford Research Group, Paul Rogers, Richard Reeve

The world’s climate is changing because of the human-induced release of climate change gases and the destabilising effect this has on natural systems such as sea ice and permafrost, long-term natural processes that aggravate impact. Paul Rogers and Richard Reeve warn in this article for the Oxford Research Group of the albedo effect where melting sea-ice leads to more open water that absorbs more heat from the sun than the floating white ice that reflects solar radiation. But a potentially more powerful form of feedback is the release of methane from decaying vegetation in melting permafrost. The action needed to address this will require a high order of political leadership, supported by climate scientists uncompromising in their insistence on the need for immediate action.



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