Behind the Veil: Women in Jihad after the Caliphate - How the Islamic State has expanded the Role of Women in Jihad and what that means for the Future of Jihad

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jul 07, 2019 | Lowy Institute, Lydia Khalil

Since the times of the Prophet Muhammad, there has not been consensus in Muslim religious literature on the acceptability of women taking up arms. With the demise of the caliphate and the Islamic State’s (IS) military defeats, female supporters have become a key part of its future survival. Lydia Khalil argues in this report for the Lowy Institute that as IS shifts from a governance project to a global terrorist insurgency, women will play an important part. In future, national security efforts will need to take this into account in countering terrorism and violent extremism, and in rehabilitation programs. in jihad after the caliphate.pdf



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