China, 5G, and Dominance of the Global “Infosphere”

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Sep 07, 2019 | Hudson Institute, William Schneider

A large and growing fraction of the world’s day-to-day life of individuals, objects, and institutions will be indelibly stored with an electronic “footprint” in an infosphere that will incorporate almost all information-based communications and data services in the global information infrastructure. William Schneider suggests in this article for the Hudson Institute that an integrated infosphere meets China's aspirations to control the global information infrastructure. A Chinese-dominated infosphere would be the “digital road” component of its Belt-and-Road-Infrastructure (BRI). The intelligence value of a national security perspective exclusively accessed through a modern communications system dominated by China - 5G - would be the gateway to control the world’s information infrastructure and the growing realm of 5G-dependent technologies. FINAL.pdf


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