Redefining Europe's Sovereignty

Improving global governance
Posted Oct 29, 2019 | Bruegel Policy Contribution, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Mark Leonard et al

China and the United States do not separate economic interests from geopolitical interests in the same way that the EU does. They are increasingly using economic connections, from cyberspace to financial links, to gain geopolitical advantage or advance geopolitical goals, putting Europe’s economic sovereignty at stake. In this Bruegel Policy Contribution, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Mark Leonard et al consider how the EU can better protect its economic sovereignty, including state aid to domestic industries, competition policy, investment screening, export controls, and the international role of the euro. They suggest that the European Commission should develop a strategy for economic sovereignty to boost Europe’s research and scientific base, protect from foreign interference assets that are critical to national security, enforce a level playing field in domestic and international competition, and strengthen European monetary and financial autonomy.


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