Divide and Rule? The Politics of Self-Legitimation in the WTO - The EU and US Response to Developing Country Alliances at the WTO

Improving global governance
Posted Dec 03, 2019 | ActionAid, Nicole Deitelhof, Regina Hack, Felix Anderl

As long as corporate interests dominate the WTO’s negotiating agenda, the needs of developing countries will be marginalised. In this article for ActionAid, Nicole Deitelhof, Regina Hack and Felix Anderl argue that the Doha Round now threatens to exclude the poorest countries and most vulnerable communities, and suggest that without observance of the principles of democracy and transparency in the WTO negotiating process, another round of global trade talks will be decided behind closed doors by corporate interests. They warn that a persistent lack of transparency will breed suspicion and marginalise all but the most significant players, who risk being bought off with questionable promises from the EU and USA.



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