Bridging the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda with the Responsibility to Protect in Conflict Prevention

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Feb 10, 2020 | Global Observatory, Jessica Roland, Marijke Kremin

While the participation and leadership of women and girls is integral to upholding the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP), the incorporation of a gendered lens in its implementation has proven difficult. In their article for the Global Observatory, Jessica Roland and Marijke Kremin call on the international community to address two critical issues: The failure fully to integrate, implement, and monitor gender-sensitive indicators, including the levels of gender-based violence in societies, specific types of violence against women, and measures that restrict or impede the rights of women and girls. The second is the lack of disaggregated data - by areas including sex, age, and ethnicity - across key development indicators. This limits the international community’s ability to monitor how specific groups are impacted by conflict.


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