How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?

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Posted Feb 10, 2020 | Population Reference Bureau, Toshiko Kaneda, Carl Haub

Any estimate of the total number of people who have lived, depends essentially on two factors: the length of time humans are thought to have been on Earth and the average size of the human population at different periods. “Modern” Homo Sapiens first walked the Earth about 50,000 years ago. Toshiko Kaneda and Carl Haub of the Population Reference Bureau estimate that since then, more than 108 billion members of our species have ever been born. Given the current global population of about 7.5 billion, that means those currently alive represent about seven percent of the total number of humans who have ever lived. This growth is driven in large part by advances in medicine and nutrition that lowered death rates, allowing more people to live into their reproductive years.


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