Is Now the Moment for a Standing UN ‘911’ Service?

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted May 21, 2020 | Foreign Policy in Focus, Peter Langille

Future security will depend on a capacity to help with shared global challenges, not systems that jeopardise survival despite high costs, and pose threats that undermine cooperation. In this article for Foreign Policy in Focus, Peter Langille discusses the creation of a UN Emergency Peace Service to contain volatile conflicts; deter groups from violence; and cut the size, length, and frequency of UN operations. Its most distinctive feature would be a service, marshalled, prepared and ready to serve in diverse operations, and immediately available once authorized by the UN Security Council. It would be multidimensional (composed of civilian, police, and military elements) and multifunctional (for security, environmental, health, and humanitarian emergencies), as well as gender-equitable.


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