Muslims in Europe – The Construction of a “Problem”

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Jun 12, 2020 | BBVA OpenMind, Bichara Khader

An estimated 23 million Muslims are living in the 28 European states, three-quarters of whom are European citizens by naturalisation or birth, with a further two million who migrated illegally and do not have legal residence. Together these groups make up five percent of the total European population.  In this publication by BBVA OpenMind, Bichara Khader explains the stages of migration flows, from temporary labour migration to permanent settlement, and shows the gradual construction of the challenge in Europe and the emergence of far-right, anti-Muslim parties. He discusses the radicalisation of some European Muslims and the de-radicalisation policies of European states. As the numbers of Muslims settling in Europe increases, European states must strengthen means to integration while Muslims must develop attachment and loyalty to their new home countries.


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