How a Post-pandemic Stimulus can both create Jobs and help the Climate

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Jun 23, 2020 | McKinsey&Company, Hauke Engel, Alastair Hamilton, Solveigh Hieronimus et al

The period after the COVID-19 crisis could determine whether the world meets or misses the emissions goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement, which were set to limit global warming to 1.5°C to 2°C. But a high-carbon recovery could make it hard to meet the goals, and heavy relief and stimulus spending might leave governments too debt-strapped to pay later for emissions cuts. Hauke Engel, Alastair Hamilton, Solveigh Hieronimus et al suggest in this article for McKinsey&Company that a climate-smart approach to a post-pandemic recovery could put the world on an emissions pathway with an average temperature increase of a relatively safe 1.5°C.  A low-carbon recovery could not only initiate the significant emissions reductions needed to halt climate change but also create more jobs and economic growth than a high-carbon recovery. Functions/Sustainability/Our Insights/How a post-pandemic stimulus can both create jobs and help the climate/How-a-post-pandemic-stimulus-can-both-create-jobs-and-help-the-climate.pdf


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