The Next Liberal Order - The Age of Contagion Demands More Internationalism, Not Less

Improving global governance
Posted Jul 20, 2020 | Foreign Affairs, John Ikenberry

On public health, trade, human rights, and the environment, governments seem to have lost faith in the value of collaboration. Not since the 1930s has the world been this bereft of the most rudimentary forms of cooperation, argues John Ikenberry in this article in Foreign Affairs. Membership in the WTO has given China access to Western markets on favorable terms, but Beijing has not implemented measures to protect intellectual property rights, strengthen the rule of law, or level the playing field for foreign companies in China. The United States must lead the way in reclaiming the core of the liberal international project: building international institutions and norms to protect societies from themselves, from one another, and from the violent storms of modernity.


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