Global Order in the Shadow of the Corona Virus: China, Russia and the West - It’s Time to rethink Global Governance and its Priorities

Improving global governance
Posted Aug 09, 2020 | Lowly Institute, Bobo Lo

In this report for the Lowly Institute, Bobo Lo addresses two narratives of international relations that have emerged in recent years: first, that the liberal, rules-based order is in decline with great power rivalry again defining world affairs; and that a rising China and a resurgent Russia are the main culprits in destabilizing the order. He argues that the rules-based international order is no longer fit for purpose as Western failings discredit liberal norms and institutions and weaken global governance. If there is to be a new global order, it will need to be more inclusive and eclectic, less prescriptive and more tolerant of normative, cultural, and strategic differences.


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