Beware the Guns of August - in Asia: How to Keep U.S.- Chinese Tensions From Sparking a War

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Aug 16, 2020 | Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd

Relations between the United States and China have been tense for some time, but the two countries have become increasingly combative since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin Rudd warns in this article for Foreign Affairs that this may be “the most dangerous moment in the relationship since the Taiwan Strait crises of the 1950s.” He calls for a new framework for the U.S.-China relationship, one based on “managed” strategic competition: political, economic, technological, and ideological competition with mutually-understood red-lines, open lines of high-level communication to avoid accidental escalation, and defined areas of global cooperation where it is mutually advantageous.


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