Employment and Training Programs Serving Low-Income Populations: Next Steps for Research

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Sep 05, 2020 | Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, Mike Fishman, Dan Bloom, Sam Elkin

Many questions about effective employment and training programmes for low-income populations have yet to be answered. The changing labour market raises new questions about what strategies will be most effective. In this White Paper by the Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, Mike Fishman, Dan Bloom, and Sam Elkin discuss research questions in: Nature of Work and the Labour Market; Employers’ Perspectives and Roles; Employment Retention and Advancement; and Building and Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices. Their overview is focused on research on employment and training programmes to help disadvantaged groups achieve the earnings and employment stability needed for self-sufficiency and wellbeing, particularly individuals with low skills or facing complex barriers to employment.



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