Middle East and North Africa: Terrorism and Conflicts

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Sep 29, 2020 | Global Policy, Wukki Kim, Todd Sandler

Since 1989, the centre of gravity of terrorism has shifted from Latin America, Europe and Central Asia, to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and South Asia. Between 2002–2018, the MENA accounted globally for 36.1 per cent of terrorist incidents, 49.3 per cent of terrorist-induced casualties, and 21.4 per cent of conflict deaths. In this article for Global Policy, Wukki Kim and Todd Sandler investigate how MENA's terrorist attacks and conflicts compare with those in the world's other six regions in selected periods from 1970–2018. They suggest that the popular forces unleashed by the Arab Spring and the regime changes that followed are the main drivers of MENA terrorism, followed by population growth and movements. Policy recommendations conclude the study.



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