4 Lessons from Nature to build a Circular Economy

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Nov 13, 2020 | World Economic Forum, Jessica Long

Today, humans are using almost twice as much of the earth’s resources than the earth can regenerate. By 2030, with a projected 8.5 billion people, global demand is expected to increase by 35 percent for food, 40 percent for water and 50 percent for energy. Unconstrained consumption and production have severe negative implications: air and soil pollution, destruction of ocean life, extreme weather events, shortages and food and energy, and more. In her article for the World Economic Forum, Jessica Long suggests that the circular economy (CE) allows us to build a world with no waste; that circular business models are a $4.5 trillion opportunity over the next decade; and that the natural world offers powerful lessons on achieving circularity. She explores four lessons from nature that are being applied via CE business models and solutions.



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