COVID-19 and Global Poverty - Are LDCs being left behind?

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Nov 13, 2020 | European Journal of Development Research, Giovanni Valensisi

In this study paper for the European Journal of Development Research, Giovanni Valensisi provides a preliminary assessment of COVID-19’s impact on global poverty in the light of IMF’s growth forecasts. He suggests that the number of people living below US$1.90 per day will increase by 68 million in 2020 alone; a rise that could approach 100 million, should the recession be more severe than initially expected. The fallout from the pandemic will also exacerbate the geographic concentration of poverty, to the extent that the Least Developed Countries, with only 14 percent of the global population, are set to represent the main focus of extreme poverty. The article sets out four priorities to mitigate the adverse effects of this dire global situation.


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