Dancing in a Multipolar World: New Opportunities for Africa

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Nov 15, 2020 | Clingendael, Stacey Links

The realisation of the slogan ‘African Solutions for African Problems’ has been challenging in a unipolar world where the West has set the ‘pace’. In her analysis for Clingendael, Stacey Links suggests that approaches to tackling poverty and chronic underdevelopment in Africa have been largely ineffective. She discusses whether the emerging multipolarity will result in the continent finally adhering to its own rhythm and charting its own course, or again adapting to the rhythms of others. Do new players allow Africa to dance to its own beat, and more pointedly, what will Europe’s role be in these new ‘dances’: critical spectator, or active participant? Her analysis reflects on these questions with China-Africa relations in mind.



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