Countering the Challenge of Conspiracy Theories

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Feb 15, 2021 | Chatham House, Patrick Schröder

Countering the risks posed by conspiracy theories requires acknowledging the existence of deep truths, argues Patrick Schröder in this article for Chatham House. For the adherents of conspiracy theories, ‘nothing is as it seems’ and they therefore believe in alternate realities which have contributed to a new form of relativism in contemporary society, with significant implications for national and international politics. Most adherents of conspiracy theories profoundly distrust the political establishment, This underpins the thesis of the ‘deep state’, a postulate that a group of influential persons - members of government and other elites – secretly control government policy. National governments have an interest in countering this tendency as many conspiracy theories reflect a worldview which denies science just when science is needed the most.


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