Woefully Torn - Climate Change, China, and American Civilization

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Feb 15, 2021 | Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development, Jorge G. CastaƱeda,

After responding to the challenges of climate change and China, consolidating, deepening, and strengthening an American civilization is a vital task, argues Jorge G. Castañeda Global Professor at New York University and a former Foreign Minister of Mexico. Defining it is complicated; describing it is simpler, he suggests in this article for the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development. It is said that the distinguishing feature of the U.S. is that it is a middle-class society, one that encouraged equality for many, and exclusion for others - native Americans, women, African Americans, Mexicans, and other Latinos, Chinese, Muslims, and more.But the U.S.is now less of an island: Like ancient Rome it will extend its language, taxes, roads, and legal code across the world, but also receive inspiration from its neighbours. Its longevity will be enhanced when it acknowledges its decline and ends its disputes with others. This is a challenge for a society with a notion of exceptionality, which it  has sought to reproduce from generation to generation, but “Americans” need to understand what their civilisation must do to consolidate a ‘fulfilled modernity’.



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