How Will Decolonizing the Curriculum Help the Poor and Dispossessed?

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Apr 17, 2021 | Quilette, Samantha Jones

Many young people are now more attracted to social justice-based decolonization demands than to the intellectual advancements of the Enlightenment era. In this article for Quilette, Samantha Jones expresses concern about the damage to knowledge advancement that will occur if activists accomplish their goal of decolonizing the epistemological foundation of science. Science does not assert unshakable truths, but explicitly provisional hypotheses, and does not belong to the West, but to the world. People in the West must ensure that educators teach the epistemology bequeathed by figures of the Enlightenment so that the world can advance and prosper. The author argues that while indigenous epistemologies are worthy of study, and valuable in their own right, they should not be promoted as superior to, or as a replacement for, those of the Enlightenment.


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