Europe’s Capacity to Act in the Global Tech Race - Charting a Path for Europe in Times of Major Technological Disruption

Improving global governance
Posted Apr 29, 2021 | German Council on Foreign Relations, Kaan Sahin, Tyson Barker

Technological leadership has become a central dimension of geopolitical power. The primary front in this emerging rivalry is that between the U.S. and China. The stakes are high and will impact economic competition, national security and values-based notions of political order. The EU must catch-up, warn Kaan Sahin and Tyson Barker in this study for the German Council on Foreign Relations. They discuss the progress of the EU and its member states in their entanglements with other nations and technology actors and assess Europe’s strengths and weaknesses across five key technology areas: artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, semiconductors, 5G and mobile equipment, and quantum technology.



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