The EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation: A new Motor for Transatlantic Relations?

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jun 09, 2021 | Beyond the Horizon, Lorenzo Giuglietti

The engagement of EU member states in the EU’s defence architecture through defence capabilities and the defence industry, requires policy makers to address the EU’s Permanent and Structured Cooperation (PESCO). One of the most important challenges of PESCO lies in clarifying the EU’s relationship with NATO and the US. In this Beyond the Horizon policy brief, Lorenzo Giuglietti suggests that in spite of certain quarrels, PESCO could boost transatlantic solidarity, combine European and American resources, and reinforce the transatlantic defence architecture through EU-NATO cooperation. He provides an overview of PESCO, illustrates the interoperability dilemma with NATO, identifies points of contention with Washington; and offers four recommendations on how to turn PESCO into a motor of better EU-NATO and transatlantic relations.


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