Tackling Climate Change Through Human Engineering

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Jul 06, 2021 | Center for Bioethics, New York University, Mathew Liao

To restore the climate to a hospitable state requires the reduction of global carbon emissions by at least seventy percent.  Current data suggests that the Kyoto Protocol has not been successful in producing demonstrable emissions’ reductions, and that the US is unlikely to meet the targets set by the Paris Agreement. In this context, Matthew Liao of the Center for Bioethics, New York University proposes “human engineering” as a solution that is potentially less risky than geoengineering. It involves the biomedical modification of humans to make them better at mitigating, and adapting to the effects of, climate change. The author argues that this type of engineering potentially offers an effective contribution to tackling climate change, if implemented alongside other currently pursued solutions.



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