Contemporary Christian Nationalism in the US

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Jul 15, 2021 | Center for Security Studies, Cora Alder, Emanuel Schäublin

Adherents of Christian nationalism in the U.S. see themselves in a struggle against “progressives” to defend their vision of a Christian America, with some feeling the need to resort to armed violence. In their article for the Center for Security Studies, Cora Alder and Emanuel Schäublin note that adherents are unsettled by groups of progressives calling for the acceptance of alternative gender roles, a new historiography of slavery, and a meaningful response to racial injustices. The authors suggest that the narratives of persons adhering to Christian nationalism and progressive thought need to become more open to one another to allow for possibilities other than a zero-sum confrontation. To be successful, a vision will need to reimagine political society in the U.S., offering constructive roles to people from both sides of a polarized spectrum.


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