Getting down to the Business of 'Nature'

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Aug 25, 2021 | ODI, Beatrice Tanjangco, Adriana Quevedo, Olena Borodyna

There are still only limited company disclosures on their impacts and dependence on nature, which compromises their ability to assess investment risk comprehensively. Beatrice Tanjangco, Adriana Quevedo, and Olena Borodyna suggest in their ODI paper that making nature-related disclosures the norm can increase the accountability of firms and assure investors that the real risks from the degradation of nature have been factored in. Both the G20 and G7 have recognised the importance of work on nature-related financial disclosures, with the latter endorsing the recently launched Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD. This calls for the world to become not only net-zero but also nature-positive through its 2030 Nature Compact. The authors note that the TNFD is well-positioned to address the climate change and biodiversity crises, but nature-positive investments cannot be driven without an impetus for, and implementation of, change emerging from both the private and public sectors.


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