Improving Access to Education for Marginalised Girls in Conflict Areas

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Aug 30, 2021 | Institute of Development Studies, Gauthier Marchais, Sweta Gupta, Cyril Brandt

A high proportion of out-of-school children live in conflict-affected contexts. To remove barriers to education for marginalised girls, a key challenge is to understand the many intersecting forms of marginalisation and their changing dynamics in violent conflict, suggest Gauthier Marchais, Sweta Gupta and Cyril Brandt in their paper for the Institute of Development Studies. They show that financial constraints are a significant barrier to education in low-income countries and that their effects are worsened in contexts of violent conflict. Using date from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they identify key considerations for education programmes for marginalised girls in such areas, including inclusive education for girls and boys, links between education and peace-building, and extra-curricular activities to support social relationships.


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