The Future of Conflict in an Age of Climate Extremes

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Oct 10, 2021 | Global Governance Futures 2030 Climate-Related Working Group

In this analysis, the Global Governance Futures 2030 Climate-Related Working Group discusses four key trends that underpin two scenarios for the years 2035: decreasing volumes of drinking water for large parts of the world; the growing political and economic power of China; increasing urbanization across high- and middle-income economies; and conflict, contestation, and cooperation between states. The use of technology, including those for geo-engineering and local and regional weather modification, is relevant for both scenarios. While understanding geo-engineering as “the deliberate, large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change,” the analyses focuses primarily on weather modification technology and some “nature-based” solutions at the local and regional levels.


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