Anchoring Transformation: Policy Anchors for Ensuring a new European Social-Economic Paradigm

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Oct 11, 2021 | Club of Rome, Sandrine-Dixson-Declève

In this discussion paper for the Club of Rome, lead author Sandrine-Dixson-Declève highlights the need for a step-change towards transformational economic models that move beyond GDP and embrace broader social, environmental and economic indicators with a focus on the wellbeing of people and the planet. She and co-authors present a series of policy recommendations that could act as short-term levers to enable long-term systems change and economic transformation in Europe. They show that this requires anchoring the transformation to a sustainable future in existing EU initiatives and traditions, transformative economic science, and in ensuring support by Member States and global alliances. They set out the concept of a transformational economic policy and discuss the potential of a climate turnaround.


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