Does Grandparenting Pay off for the Next Generations? Intergenerational Effects of Grandparental Care

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Nov 13, 2021 | German Institute for Economic Research, Mara Barschkett, Katharina Spieß, Elena Ziege

Grandparents act as the third largest caregiver group after parents and daycare in many Western societies. Adopting a double-generation perspective, Mara Barschkett, Katharina Spieß, and Elena Ziege investigate the causal impact of this care mode on children's health, socio-emotional behavior, school outcomes, and parental well-being. Based on representative German panel data sets, their article for the German Institute for Economic Research explores variations in geographical distance to grandparents and analyses age-specific effects. The results reveal that children in full-time daycare or school and, in addition, cared for by grandparents, have more health and socio-emotional problems, in particular conduct problems.


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