Why Peace Should Matter for the COP, and Why COP26 is Important for Peace

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Nov 19, 2021 | Global Observatory, Cedric de Coning, Florian Krampe

While financing for climate adaptation is much needed, it can also be a double-edged sword. Injecting significant amounts of money into societies with fragile institutions and low absorptive capacity is likely to generate negative side-effects.. Cedric de Coning and Florian Krampe reason in this article for the Global Observatory that the success of such financing will depend on whether it contributes to social cohesion or worsens inequality and undermines public trust. Those responsible for climate adaptation initiatives should be guided by the precautionary principle, take proactive steps to monitor for the risk of, and mitigate against, causing harm, and ensure that the programming is conflict-sensitive. As this did not attract particular attention at COP26, exploring pathways for policy and action that mitigate these risks, for example through the Environment of Peace initiative, will be critical. 



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