How Europe Can Build Upon COP26

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Nov 21, 2021 | Carnegie Europe, Olivia Lazard

The COP26 climate summit failed to secure a 1.5°C outcome, with scientists warning that the planet is still on the path to 2.4°C warming by 2100. Yet all countries agreed to return to the negotiating table in 2022, rather than after five years as previously agreed. Olivia Lazard suggests in her article for Carnegie Europe that the focus will be on tangible implementation plans for 2030, which are critical for an effective transition. The EU “only” emits about seven percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, because it outsources emissions and environmental destruction to other countries through its supply chains. To be a fully credible power broker in decisive climate action, the EU must continue to transition at home, while actively facilitating transitions across the globe, particularly in the countries that are both climate vulnerable and critical to European transitions.


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