The G20’s Sovereign Debt Agenda: What Roles for China and the US?

Improving global governance
Posted Nov 25, 2021 | Shanghai Institute for International Studies, Ye Yu, Zhou Yuyuan

The U.S. and China, one as the dominant financial power and the other as the largest official bilateral creditor, share common interests and responsibilities in strengthening to governance of sovereign debt and fostering global sustainable development through the G20 suggest Ye Yu and Zhou Yuyuan in this report by the Shanghai Institute for International Studies. The G20’s Common Framework cooperation based on a case-by-case approach offers an opportunity for broader cooperation in this sphere. As sovereign debt vulnerabilities rise due to inflationary pressures in the next several years, China and the U.S. need to engage in deeper multilateral cooperation on these critical issues. G20’s Sovereign Debt Agenda FIN.pdf



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