Trade and Development Report 2021 : From Recovery to Resilience - The Development Dimension

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Nov 29, 2021 | UNCTAD

After decades of growing inequalities, polarizing pressures and a pandemic that has destroyed jobs on an unprecedented scale, an economic recovery will provide an opportunity to rebalance the distribution of income within and between countries.  With the IMF and the World Bank recognising that the economic thinking of the past will not deliver a more resilient system for the future, this UNTAD report discusses possible paths to a post-COVID recovery. It suggests that a better world will only emerge if strong economic recoveries are promoted and supported in all regions; if the economic gains from recovery are skewed towards middle and lower-income households; if health provision, including ready access to vaccines, is treated as a global public good; and if there is a coordinated big investment push across all countries to carbon-free sources of energy.



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